Powerful URL redirections in minutes

Justredirect enables you to easily manage URL redirections through a modern, fully-managed redirection engine with built-in HTTPS, missing redirection detection and powerful analytics.

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The most powerful redirection engine in the market

Our solution enables you to simply execute and track campaigns and embed links or to migrate or merge websites.

Designed for any team in any organization

Justredirect is simple to use and doesn't require a developer or own infrastructure but still offers the technical sophistication, speed and reliability your IT department demands.

Ease of Use
Easily create, change and forward URL redirections in minutes without tasking your IT team.
Powerful Analytics
Get instant and actionable insights on how your visitors are using your URL redirections.
Automatic HTTPS
Automatic provisioning and renewal of TLS certificates for your domains, or use your own certificates if you prefer.

Manage thousands of redirections through our centralized solution

Unlock the value of a master control plane for redirections. Onboard as many teams as you need with enterprise-grade security, isolation, and resource autoscaling.

Missing Redirection Detection
Automatically detect missing redirections to never accidantially loose traffic again.
Comprehensive Configuration
Choose either a 301 or 302 response code for each redirect. Change the target URL whenever you want. Quickly and easily forward paths and query parameters found on the source URL to the destination domain. Add custom query parameters to the target URL.
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The right plan to boost your business.

We offer flexible plans you can change whenever your needs change. Talk to us for custom or enterprise plans.


For personal projects.

What's included

  • 50 Redirection Rules
  • 1 Domain
  • 300K Requests per month


For small business and startups.

What's included

  • Redirection Rules: 150
  • Wildcard Rules
  • Domains: 40
  • 5M Requests per month
  • E-Mail Support


For small to mid-size businesses.

What's included

  • Redirection Rules: 500
  • Wildcard Rules
  • Domains: 150
  • 25M Requests per month
  • E-Mail Support

€159 /month

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For bigger and large businesses.

What's included

  • Customizable plan sizes
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Setup Service
  • SLA available


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