Use Cases

Justredirect is the perfect solution for managing HTTPS redirections for businesses, marketing and SEO. Our solution will help you to protect your customers from hitting 404s and to decrease potential negative SEO impact. Explore the various use-cases that are covered by our solution and learn how you can manage redirections more efficiently.

Website Migrations

Easily move from one domain or subdomain to another or consolidate multiple domains and subdomains into one. Automatically detect and create missing redirection rules. Justredirect enables you to easily migrate websites and existing projects in just a few minutes.

Secure URL Redirections

Automatically secure all your URL redirections with HTTPS. We automatically provision and renew SSL certificates for all your domains. Save the time and money of buying and deploying SSL certificates.

Marketing Campaigns

Use short and branded URLs for your off- and online marketing campaigns. Justredirect allows you to measure the performance of individual channels and enables you to change the targets of your redirections at any time.

Link Analytics

Measure the traffic going through all of your links, including information about the location, device, referrer and pages requested by your visitors.